Thursday, 30 May 2013

Party Planning

12 Weeks to go til the next party! You might think that is a way off, but with 4 children, (1 only 6 months old), I have to fit in party planning and creating around oodles of day-to-day stuff.

Being a mother to a daughter, it is inevitable that sooner or later a Princess Party will be requested. Now I love to give my children unique parties, so merely going to the shops and purchasing Disney princess partyware isn't going to cut it - not with my handmake-everything mentality. Not that I have anything against that, we love Disney Princesses in this house! But creating your own decor is a a fab way to put a unique twist on traditional themes. I will be using the Princesses but in a less obvious way.

Firstly, we settle on a theme (birthday child and I), then a colour scheme. As my daughter's favourite colour is pink, we went with that with gold, to add a touch of opulence. There will be lots of boys at the party, so I needed to factor in a boy-friendly element. So for this upcoming party the theme is:

Pretty Princesses & Super Heroes.

The Pink & Gold, will be used as the colours for my daughter's handmade dress and accessories and as decor for balloons / on the favour table / on the Present Table etc.

For the long 'banquet' table, each section will have its own theme. With an iconic centrepiece / colour to match 7 of the Princesses and 4 Super Heroes:

Snow White


With 4-5 place settings at each segment, that caters for 44-55 children. Hopefully I will get RSVP's, but I always like to allow extras for unexpected siblings of invited guests etc.

This party will be held in a local community centre and I have booked professional entertainment. So I only need to concentrate on the decor / food / favour bags.

During the following posts I will be showing you the Centrepieces, (and how to make them if applicable). Hope you will enjoy them, I am pleased with the simplicity of them and the big impact that they will make.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

In the Spotlight: Vintage Mermaid & Faded Pirate Party.

Regular readers of my other blog will have seen this party in all its glory. (Links at the bottom of post). Here we have a condensed version.

For my daughter's 4th Birthday Party we decided on a Mermaid theme, and being a mum to 3 boys I have to include a boy-friendly element too. Being a true handmade party connoisseur I like to bring a unique twist to traditional party themes, so 'The Vintage Mermaid and Faded Pirate' Party was born, using a soft colour palette of Peach, Mint, Aqua & Sand. This is my absolute favourite party, very dreamy and sea swept.


The scene was set by sending a beautiful handmade shaker-style invitation, complete with sand and starfish. As there were only 8 to make, I could take the time to create something special.

Decor included rustic bunting, a welcome wreath, a 'C' Shell canvas, crepe paper fish net, message in a bottle, dreamy driftwood, shells, pinwheels and tissue paper poms.

A shell topiary made a lovely centrepiece.

Each vintage mermaid was gifted with a starfish wand, shell haircomb and starfish washer necklace...

The faded pirates had a handstamped skull & crossbone bandana, medallion necklace and sash.

Fun photos were taken in the underwater photo booth, complete with clam pillow, seaweed frond canopy and sea monster.

The clam even opened up to reveal a satin pearl.

Food included clam cookies, tuna and pasta shells, lime jelly(fish), cheese waves, sea cucumber, sub sandwiches and seaside-y marshmallow pops...

I created a beach scene birthday cake decorated with chocolate sea life... 

There was adventure on the high seas with a gone fishing game, flipper flapper game, buried treasure and 'x' marks the spot games...

At the end of the party each guest got to take home a treasure box full of goodies...

...after writing a birthday message in the 'log'.

A fun-filled adventure was had by all and was truly a day to remember! My daughter's favourite bit was the seaweed tendril sand-coloured dress handmade by her loving mummy...

gorgeous and floaty!

Thanks for reading, if you would like more details then here are the links:

Credits go to:
The Party Studio for the crepe paper net tutorial.


Linking to:


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Welcome, The Party Starts Here...

Hello, hello! I am so excited to be writing this first post on this brand new blog dedicated to the planning, creating, hosting and sharing of handmade parties! This is the place where there is always a party happening and you are always invited!

First things first, let me introduce myself: My name's Estelle and I am a stay-at-home mum to 4 very lively children - 3 super boys (7, 3 & 6 months) and 1 fairy girl (soon-to-be 5). She is the sugar and spice in amongst all the slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails ;) I have a very understanding hub, who puts up with all the creative madness!

I have had a blog for almost 2 years (Twinkle's Tutorials & Craft Time) where I share my love of crafting, throwing handmade parties and of course, tutorials. As the party side of things has grown I decided to segment that off and dedicate a whole new blog to it - this will be jam-packed with party ideas, creative decor, recipes & activities! Hopefully, once a month I will host a linky party for you all to show off your party-related awesomeness!

I will still run my original blog side by side with this one. I would love it if you would pop on over - there are tons of tutorials over there! There is a gorgeous Lace Crown tutorial posted today, which will be part of my daughter's upcoming party costume.

Party-planning, creating handmade party decor / favours / costumes and actually styling the parties has been a huge passion of mine for the last 4 years! The joy my kiddos get out of their unique parties and the memories they will have are worth every creative minute!

The first handmade party I threw was for my daughter's 1st Birthday - a very dainty floral tea party. I was hooked from that moment on! Between then and now, I have held:

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Teddy Bear's Picnic
Fairy & Elf Enchanted Hollow Party
Lego .V. Mega Bloks Party
Vintage Mermaid & Faded Pirates Party
Camo Camping Party (with Angry Birds Boot Camp)
All Aboard Train Party


I am currently working on my daughter's 5th Birthday Party, followed a few months later by the baby's 1st Birthday Party (where does the time go?) I hope you will enjoy the journey into my venturing away from the house party and creating a large scale party for my daughter!!!

Here's one of the things I have been working on. I am very big on re-purposing things from previous parties and one of my favourite makes was the Ribbon Topiary Trees from the fairy / elf party...

For this next party the colour scheme is pink & gold, so I simply repainted the pot gold, replaced the blue ribbon with gold and finished off the pot with gold tissue and pink beads...

...very elegant. Will look perfect on the 'Thank You' / Favour Table.

Sorry for the long-winded introduction, there will be less waffle next time I promise! I hope you will follow along and please feel free to leave a comment - I would love to keep in touch!

Bye for now