Monday, 3 June 2013

Creative Centrepieces: Enchanted Rose Cloche ~ Beauty & The Beast

As promised, in these next few posts I will be sharing the centrepieces I have created for my daughter's upcoming party.

Each section of the long 'banquet' table will have an iconic centrepiece matching one of the Princesses or Super Heroes that I have chosen to feature at the party. There will also be a matching quote scroll/printout.

To start I have chosen my daughter's favourite Princess - Belle. Imaginative, Intelligent, Self-Sacrificing, Kind, and Brave. A true Princess with Heart.

For her centrepiece, I have gone with the Enchanted Rose Cloche...

and her quote reads...

"Don't you see? She's the one! The girl we have been waiting for! She has come to break the spell!" ~ Lumiere.

I will do a separate post on the Quote scrolls/printouts and fonts.

Here's a quick how-to on how to make your own cloche...

1. Gather supplies - An empty large clean pop / soda bottle, a terracotta flowerpot saucer slightly larger than the circumference of the bottle, gold paint / brush, scissors, polystyrene ball, glue and gold ribbon.
2. Cut the top half off the bottle. Recycle the bottom half and lid.
3. Make a hole in the polystyrene ball, large enough to cover the bottle opening. Screw the ball onto the opening following the lid threads.
4. Paint the poly ball gold and leave to dry.
5. Wrap and glue a piece of gold ribbon around the neck of the bottle underneath the poly ball.
6. Paint the bottom of the terracotta saucer gold and leave to dry. You will be using it upturned, (the bottom), so that the cloche sits on the lip of the saucer.

When dry place item, (in this case a rose), on the upturned saucer and place cloche over the top.

I have managed to balance my rose in the cloche, which makes it looks like it is suspended. You can also use a piece of invisible/nylon thread to hold it upright and stick it to the inside of the cloche at the top.


Thanks for reading, any questions just leave a comment.



  1. Totally gorgeous Estelle - this cloche looks a million dollars and I'm sooooooooo surprised that it's this easy (and cheap on the pocket) to make! Shame my girls have grown out of Birthday parties now. :o(
    Helen x

  2. That is fantastic! If only Eilidh wasn't insisting her 5th party in a soft play :( Maybe I could go a little mad for the family party this year!!


  3. Oh oh oh, that's so cute and Belle is my favourite princess too :)

  4. The quote is so perfect especially for your family♥ Really, I need to learn some computer stuff....I love the finish picture, what a lovely card it would make, oh my head hurts thinking of learning yet more...but I do like stars and magic..okay...just as soon as it warms up around here! ♥Debi

  5. That is pure perfection. I love it. What a beautiful party decoration. You certainly think of every detail!

  6. This is such a lovely idea, even for a gift for any young girl!! Really sweet and pretty!!


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