Saturday, 29 June 2013

Creative Centrepieces: Sunburst Lantern ~ Tangled

To finish off the Princesses, we have my favourite - Rapunzel. Sheltered, Endearing and Inquisitive. A truly magical Princess.

The most iconic piece is of course the lanterns, that the King and Queen release every year for their lost daughter and the very reason Rapunzel ventures from her tower...

Rapunzel's quote scroll simply reads...

"Best day Ever!" ~ Rapunzel

Here's a quick how-to on making your own Sunburst Lantern...

1. Download THIS template and open up.
2. Attach vellum paper (thick tracing paper / parchment) to 2 sheets of normal printer paper and feed into your printer.
3. Print off 2 copies of the lantern template onto the vellum, making sure they are A4 size.
4. Remove vellum from printer paper and colour in sunburst and swirls with a purple pen.
Attach the 2 sheets together end to end on both sides with tape, lining up the patterns to make a cylindrical lantern.

Insert a battery-operated candle / light, to give a glowing effect.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the 7 Princesses. Next I will be creating centrepieces for 4 Superheroes! Any questions just leave a comment.



  1. This is brilliant! I am half watching tangled at the moment, love that film!


  2. Very pretty! I loved tangled such a gorgeous movie

  3. Your pictures look GREAT! I love this centerpiece. You have really been so thoughtful with each of your centerpieces. Beautiful job.

  4. what kind or brand of vellum paper did you use? Where did you purchase it? Thanks. Tonya

    1. I purchased it from an online store here in the UK. I believe their site is undergoing some construction at the moment but you could email them to ask information about the vellum. Sorry I couldn't be more help.


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