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Celebrate: Pretty Princesses & Super Heroes Grand Ball

This Party has certainly been a labour of love and I am really pleased with how it all came together. Although, I could have done with another half hour setting up time as there were a few things I didn't have time to do, but overall it turned out lovely.

Let me invite you in to the Grand Ball...

We started out with a large hall, which we arranged the tables and chairs to suit our needs. As I was planning on different sections on one long table, I separated them by using plain coloured cloths, with paper plates to match. Each Princess had a dainty goblet to sip their royal juice from. The colours corresponded to each Princess or Super Hero.

Superman, royal blue.

Spiderman, red.

Batman, yellow.

Hulk, Green.

Aurora, pale pink.

Belle, yellow.

Tiana, lime green.

Rapunzel, lilac.

Cinderella, pale blue.

Snow White, red.

and Ariel, purple.

The centrepieces were a big hit and I had some great compliments. It was fabulous to see them set out in all their glory.

Re-using the fairy arch from my daughter's 3rd Birthday, I created a Pretty Princess Throne complete with mask, crown, number 5, ribbons and vines. She looked very sweet upon her birthday throne.

Pink and Gold helium balloons were attached to chairs to add a festive touch.

I hired entertainers as that is something I am not confident doing on a large scale. She did a fab job, keeping 30+ children entertained with lots of dancing, a puppet show, dressing up as a Princess for a photo shoot against a dreamy backdrop,

face / arm painting. (My oldest boy showing off his scary spider),

and each child got a special balloon model at the end. (The birthday Princess with a special rose)

and here is my daughter in her special handmade-by-me Princess gown. She even had gorgeous gold nails for the occasion and dainty gold slippers adorned her tiny feet.

I set up a table just for the cake, a perfect way to showcase it. More handcrafted decor added a personal touch,

A glitterized Ikea frame holding a large pink number 5,

The perfect Princess quote with 'Wish' highlighted in pink, to echo blowing out the candles and making a wish.

A thank you sign, (very hard to photograph sorry), saying 'Thank you all for coming, hope you had super fun! Love & hugs, Princess Chloe'

A great tip for creating an eye catching backdrop at a venue, that you can't attach to the walls, is to take a large piece off a cardboard box - which needs to be sturdy - and cover in tissue paper, wrapping paper or fabric, then embellish as necessary. You can make this up ahead of time at home, then just transport the whole thing to the venue. You can then prop it up on a table set against a wall. Add a tablecloth and some accessories and voila! ready made backdrop!

Large tissue paper pom pom flowers made in eye-catching pink and gold striped tissue paper added interest, along with a pretty mask and a large ribbon-wrapped monogram. I also glitterized a wooden princess word, to set in front of the cake.

A handmade Princess pennant style bunting was hung across the front.

The cake turned out very well considering it was totally made up as I went along, in about 15 minutes! Now I am certainly no cake decorator, but I am good at 'winging' it. Simply put, I purchased 2 budget-friendly store bought cakes in 2 sizes, with basic decorations on. I removed the store decorations and placed the smaller cake on top. I ran a length of gold rope ribbon around the base of the smaller cake. To cover the indentations made from removed decorations, I squeezed on pink icing from a tube in little swirls, I then sprinkled on gold edible pearls. On the top of the cake I squeezed on more icing, then wound around a pink and a clear beaded chain, pressing it into the pink icing to hold it. A mini glass slipper and gold crown ring added the princess-y touch. To finish off a wide pink satin ribbon, with pink artificial flower was attached to the bottom edge of the cake. 5 tall gold candles and a topper with 'Princess Chloe 5' on was added after transportation.

Simple but pretty.

As this cake was small and really for the purpose of blowing out the candles, I just purchased a large 'tray bake' celebration cake to cut up ready for the guests to take home in their favour bags. This pretty cake was then consumed by family afterwards.

Using the same technique as the cake table backdrop I created a Super one for the adult's table using appropriate wrapping paper and bunting, re-used from my boys' previous lego party. A large superman style 'C' completed the look, along with a fun sign.

At the end of the party each Princess or Super Hero got to take home a coloured co-ordinated favour bag, full of royal or super goodies...

A really cost effective way to maintain the theme was to buy individual coloured paper bags in the quantity desired and simply attach a superhero word sticker for the boys or a princess sticker for the girls. We had fun handing out the bags, matching them up to each guest's costume!

It really was an awesome party, I am so grateful to all my family and husband for pitching in with food prep, clearing up and minding the baby...

who looked adorable in his costume, which was store bought, but monogrammed by me. I also dressed my other 2 boys in blue and red and made them monogrammed capes and masks.


My daughter became 'super princess' halfway through by donning her own cape and mask. 

Super Fun!

I will be doing a few posts on specific decor items, but any questions please leave a comment.

Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed the party!


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Celebrate: Sun's Up Buttercup ~ A Birthday Breakfast Buffet.

To whet your appetite for the Grand Ball Reveal, here is the Surprise Birthday Breakfast Buffet created for my daughter's 5th Birthday. Full of yummy foods set to a backdrop of a Parisian Cafe. Who doesn't want to eat breakfast in Paris on their Birthday?

The Eiffel Tower backdrop was made by sponging pale green and blue paint onto a large piece of plywood, then attaching a large pink wall sticker. I added a few dabs of gold glitter to the sky, to give an early morning sunrise effect. A pale blue piece of organza fabric was draped either side as 'curtains'.

Decorations included a fun celebratory sign, made simply in 'Word' using a mix of fonts and colours.

A fun YUM word spelt out in pretty mini frames on a magnetic notice board covered in summery papers.

A happy 'Sun's Up Buttercup' Subway Art Sign using the 'My Memories Suite' Digital Scrapbooking software.

Pastel coloured roses and pink baby's breath flowers sat in lace and ribbon covered milk bottles (the 2 smaller ones are actually Starbucks frappaccino drinks bottles.)

Now onto the food, with fruit comprising of...


Strawberries, Raspberries and Grapes,

Tangerines and Bananas in a mini fruit crate, prettily tied with a sunny yellow bow.

Then there was Fun fruit-shaped fromage frais,

Mini Cereal Boxes and Coco Pops Bars,

Brioche, Pancakes and Pink Sprinkle Doughnuts,

with Individual Pots of various Jams.

A Chocolate Fondue was perfect for dipping the Strawberries into...

And then there was fresh Orange Juice to wash it all down.

Spotty Plates, Napkins and Tubs were displayed ready for use on my Welsh Dresser, along with my lovely mini wooden storage unit - perfect for holding spoons and straws.

Such a fun, yum way to start a special birthday!

A little Angel Cake stood in as a simple Birthday Cake (the real deal cake was being had at the grand ball)

You may have noticed the little frilly pink parasol to the left of the Eiffel Tower, well that was simply made using a pop-up food cover, wooden stick, bendy straw and ribbon...

...a very budget friendly way to make a party decoration. My daughter also used the open one in her photos, sat in front of the Eiffel Tower. Very chic!

It was the perfect start to a very full day of visitors, a trip to the makeover parlour and a shopping trip - sadly not to the real Paris though!

Hope you enjoyed your invitation to breakfast, any questions on the decor just leave a comment.

Thanks for popping in.