Monday, 25 November 2013

Celebrate: Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

Hello party-lovers, apologies for the lack of posts - I have been busy behind the scenes creating a very special party. My youngest turned one recently and I wanted to create a Winter 'One'derland for him, using a colour palette of icy blue, frosty white, sparkling silver and a pop of festive red. Snowflakes, soft floaty fabrics and natural elements were all brought together under an abundance of twinkly fairy lights in various hues and styles.

Instead of a full layout of food, I decided to create a dessert table and hot chocolate bar, perfect for a small family gathering. The backdrop was created using a piece of snowy fabric, then topped with ribbons of blue organza fabric and handmade silver circle garlands. I then finished it off with a large paper snowflake and a few iridescent hanging baubles.

I created a lovely icy word-smudged canvas by attaching letters in various fonts, then dabbing over with blue and silver paint before removing the stickers. I then gave the corners and edges of the canvas a spray with faux-snow, to create a snowdrift effect. I love how it gives the effect of a child finger writing on a frost covered window.

I reused the pink/gold ribbon topiary from my daughter's last party and resprayed the pot silver, painted the dowel blue and then replaced the ribbon loops with mini white pom poms and blue and silver ribbon loops. Love this one so much, the other topiary was covered in beaded garland and placed at the hot chocolate bar.

Nibbles included cupcakes, shortbread fingers, cookies, frosty fancies and 'icicles', (breadsticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with blue sugar crystals), along with snowman marshmallow pops.

I had my heart set on creating a snow globe cake and I am so pleased with how this turned out. I purchased 2 plain white iced sponge cakes and covered the top layer with blue icing and mini white sugar snowflakes. The bottom layer was covered in blue icing snowflakes and crispy chocolate snowballs were piled around the base. The snow globe was made from a small upturned plastic jar, set upon a small plastic plate. I attached a piece of silver beaded garland around the lip of the jar. Inside I placed a penguin tree decoration, with the hanging part removed. Best cake yet, I think!

The Hot Chocolate Bar was set up with marshmallows, candy canes for stirring, squirty cream, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate wafer sticks. The guests used blue spotty paper straws and wooden spoons in red gingham cups or mini kraft cups.

The backdrop was simply made by using blue snowflake wrapping paper, and a handmade sign hung in a red frame.

A happy 'Thank You for Making My Party Snow Much Fun' Sign was displayed in a red heart shaped Ikea frame.

I made a sign post from an old jewellery stand, with 'Candy Cane Lane' and 'Sweet Street' being displayed.

Tin cans covered in ribbon, lace and beaded garland made creative holders.

I covered the condiment's containers in co-ordinating paper to keep the look cohesive.

Whilst a large penguin stood guard. (He was actually a gift bag that I had picked up along with a few other penguin party items in a previous January sale.)

And no party of mine is complete without a photo booth, this time it had to be an igloo...

...Complete with ice blocks, snow balls, winter animals and icy lights as props. I used our wooden chest as the base covered in more snowy fabric. Large pieces of cardboard box made the sides and roof, which I covered with old pieces of white packing paper. I then draped another piece of snowy fabric, this time a dripping snow type. I purchased both fabrics from the local discount store. I used old wrapping paper tubes to prop up the roof, attaching them to the side panels. I draped fairy lights inside to give a magical effect. 

It looked stunning set up the night before, with just the lights glowing. The birthday boy loved it.

Other decorations included a ribbon-wrapped willow wreath with a silver '1'

and a Party Sign, made from a staircase spindle painted silver and stuck into a foil covered plantpot. A bracket was attached to the spindle so a party arrow and lantern could point the way...

Games included 'Penguin Slide' - 2 beanie-toy penguins raced across the floor, 'Pass the Polar Bear' - whoever had the polar bear when the music stopped was out, and 'Musical Statues' - Everyone had to 'Freeze' when the music stopped. My eldest niece read 'Henry's Holiday' - a Penguin story and then everyone made snowflakes out of silver paper doilies.

And when everyone was full and happy the guests went home with a piece of snow globe cake, a cup filled with a sachet of hot chocolate, a candy cane, chocolate coins, a chocolate smartie filled penguin, and a snowflake tattoo. The girls also had face glitter and a snowflake wand. The boys had ice gliders (paper planes).

It really was 'Snow Onederful'. Hope you enjoyed that visit to my boy's magical onederland and it has given you a few winter-themed party ideas. Any questions please just leave a comment, I am happy to get back to you.

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  1. Wow, another fantastic party, love the cake :)


  2. What a beautiful party! I can't believe your baby is one already, that year flew. Your snow globe cake was simply awesome gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  3. Elegant! perfect! Love the Hot Chocolate Bar! I said "Awe" Lot while reAding this and the photo' s are amazing! Take A Bowe Mummy! xoDebi

  4. Aw so cute and fun! Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  5. WOW. I am at a complete loss for words because I am SO impressed. Every detail was so thoughtful and beautifully executed. I love the cake...brilliant. And, I am blown away by the igloo photo area. You did good!!!


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