Saturday, 28 June 2014

Celebrate: Eight ~ A Minecraft Party

Apologies for the lack of posts, it has been a bit quiet on the party front! We have decided to forgo 'big' parties this year, but even so I still got creative with my eldest boy's celebration a little while back. He turned 8 and like every other young, (or old), boy on the planet he is obsessed with Minecraft!

I thought a few friends round for Pizza and cake on his birthday would be a good idea. Hmmm, it is amazing how much noise seven 8 year old boys can make!
I kept it simple with the decor, guests entered via a purple nether portal made by cutting strips into a plastic tablecloth and hanging from the doorway. For the photo / game area I hung another purple tablecloth nether portal, with a ghastly ghast hanging from the ceiling. This was very simply made by covering a box in white paper, adding a ghast face printout then attaching white streamers to dangle at the bottom...

Creeper balloons were dotted about, made from lime green balloons and strips of black tape...

An oversize creeper face graced the wall behind the food table, with a happy birthday banner downloaded from Catch My Party. I made the face from a piece of lime green wrapping paper and square black paper plates...

There was 'Creeper Juice' and 'Liquid TNT' to drink and the kids ate their pizza off green square plates...


For the activities, I set out paper and stickers of various Minecraft blocks and characters for the boys to create pictures, whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.

We then played 'Creeper Toss' where I had created a giant creeper out of cardboard and a green plastic tablecloth. I cut out the eyes and mouth and the boys had to try and toss plastic balls through the holes. Points were awarded and the winner got an extra Minecraft wristband (each boy received one)...

The boys had fun with the 'Steve' mask...
And after they had eaten their fill of pizza, the TNT cake was lit...
The sparkler candle was a big hit! I just bought a basic birthday cake which was mostly covered in red icing, I removed any other unnecessary bits and covered in more red icing. I then added a green border and my boy's name in icing. I placed the cake on a cardboard box covered in red cardboard with a few TNT printouts.

An '8' candle and a sparkler candle finished it off. Very simple, but fitted the theme perfectly.

To finish off the boys all took turns in playing the Minecraft game on the xbox. I made Minecraft torches out of paper and tissue paper to grace the wall on either side of the TV...


...and when it was time to go home, each boy left with a personalised creeper face party bag...
...again using black tape to create the face.
Very noisy, but a lot of fun party! It was great to be able to create a party on a theme my son loves and will be sure to remember for a long time!

Font used from: DaFont
Banner from: Catch My Party
TNT Image : DeviontArt
Ghast Face: DeviontArt
Steve Face: Heels in the Rain
Torches from: Little Blue Egg
Minecraft Stickers (not shown): Frugal Family Times

My Minecraft Pinterest board can be found HERE for more ideas. Thanks for reading and any questions just leave a comment.




  1. That's amazing! Yes my lot LOVE minecraft. For a little party you certainly had plenty of details.

  2. Oh wow. That is amazing. My nephews love it seems do most kids. You really did think of every detail. I am sure the kids LOVED this. You set the bar incredibly high for other parents :)


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